We know there have been some weird & crazy stuff found in Texas but are aliens one of them? According to a video captured on a camera in El Paso, Texas, there IS. This video has gotten so popular, people are talking about ALL OVER social media.

Here's the alien video captured in El Paso, Texas that people are talking about

According to this TikTok video, the video claims that an alien was captured at around 3:45 am. And this creature... well it certainly LOOKS like an alien.

It's a very interesting video. So interesting it was even shared on the popular Instagram page, therealfitfamelpaso. Of course, some people chimed in to say what it is, giving some hilarious responses like “Oh that's my tio!” or “Oh my cat got out after I shaved him” or "That’s just your typical El Paso girl with her lashes and fillers".

Very hilarious responses but… is this video ACTUALLY from El Paso?

Turns out the video might not be from El Paso OR Texas

After doing a reverse image search on Google, a Reddit thread popped up showing what looks like the same image from Vacaville, California, over 3 months ago (which would be back in February).

On a neighbor’s Ring Camera
byu/itchypalp_88 inCrawlerSightings

Now whether or not this is indeed an alien or AI-generated is still unknown, but… I'm inclined to believe this is not a real alien, let alone from El Paso.

That's not saying that aliens DON'T exist SOMEWHERE in El Paso or Texas that look like this. We HAVE seen some weird stuff captured on camera before, like that weird creature near an Amarillo zoo,

But considering a VERY similar image came from somewhere else earlier this year, I highly doubt this video is real. This looks like another example of “don't believe everything you see on the internet”. Because it just might be a hoax...

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