Governor Abbott ordered the Texas National Guard to put barriers up along the Texas - New Mexico border. Not The US - Mexico border, the state line.

Don't worry, Texas isn't seceding. We're not, despite a popular legend/rumor, allowed to do that in the first place.

This action is meant to prevent migrants, smugglers and/or other illegals from entering the United States via New Mexico, then backtracking into Texas. El Paso specifically.

According to the Texas Military Department, via ABC:

“The Texas National Guard has heavily fortified the border in El Paso with 18 miles of concertina wire. We are now fortifying the border between Texas and New Mexico to block migrants who are entering New Mexico illegally and then crossing into Texas. The effort in El Paso was bolstered by the recent deployment of the Texas Tactical Border Force to El Paso. - abcnews

The stretch of border being worked on runs between El Paso, Texas and Sunland Park New Mexico; an area that has long been a favorite of illegal immigrants and smugglers.

Governor Abbott has recently ordered a number of activities to combat illegal immigration, human trafficking, smuggling and other border crimes.

These operations include:

No way to tell right now if the concertina wire, (reportedly, about 18 miles worth), being laid out around Sunland Park, New Mexico will do any good or not.

I kind of doubt it as this seems to be just another, super expensive, band-aid on a badly bleeding wound.

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