Ok, so it is fair to say that everyone has their pet peeves when it comes to flying on planes. Whether you HATE sitting in the middle or hate when people take off their shoes, there is something about being stuck in a somewhat small space with strangers that can just irritate us.

One thing I always see people complaining about is crying children on planes. I don’t really mind it. I’m a mom and I remember those times me and my son had to fly solo and sometimes he just needed to cry and nothing I could do could calm him down. So, I get it.

However, if you’re not as understanding as I am and you HATE being on a plane with crying babies…. You are in luck. Well, kind of.

A Turkish-Dutch Corendon has unveiled their latest game-changer: the "adult only zone." Starting November 3rd, this innovative airline is rolling out kid-free havens on flights between Amsterdam and Curaçao.

This specialized zone caters to child-free travelers and busy professionals who just want a peaceful atmosphere.

In an official statement, the airline shared, "Our sleek pressurized capsule of calm is perfect for those who prefer a serene sojourn or a productive work session."

So, what else does this “only adult zone” offer?

Glide into comfort within the front section of the aircraft, boasting nine plush, extra-large seats complete with so much legroom.

Plus, there are 93 standard seats for fellow child-free enthusiasts. The zone will also be strategically separated by walls and curtains, crafting an undisturbed sanctuary for all aboard.

How much does this added perk cost?

Snagging a spot in the adults-only paradise is a steal at just 45 euros (that's around $49). But if you're aiming for the lap of luxury, the extra-large seats are a mere 100 euros more (about $108).

These seats are only available for people ages 16 and above!

Although this “only adult zone” isn’t offered in the U.S. YET, it’s still nice to see airlines testing out new things to cater to all flyers!

Hopefully, soon this trend will make its way to the United States. Until then, just buy yourself some headphones and leave us single mommas alone!

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