J-Si had quite the weekend; he was invited to a teenage pool party for his buddy’s 16-year-old son’s birthday and to watch the fight. He quickly noticed that all of the girls were clumped together on one side of the pool and the boys were on the other.

J-Si took it upon himself to walk out and see if he could get the kiddos mingling together, his approach though seemed to do just the opposite.

These are just teenagers and coming out saying "hey ladies" probably wasn't the best tactic. Poor J-Si was trying but he got no response and just made things terribly awkward, this is a walk of shame he will never forget!

Despite his genuine efforts to do something good, he was only reminded of the fact that indeed he was far too old now to hang. You have to check out the clip from the show below as he also realized his new facial hair that he's been bragging about, only solidified that fact!

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