It's about that time again of the year for the Kidd's Kids Trip To Walt Disney World here in November, everyone is so excited because they have begun their special reveals to those special children and families chosen. The families of the Kidd's Kids trip along with there one special chosen child have been fighting life altering a life threatening illnesses.

Kellie has made the trip over 20 times and J-Si about 13. The most exciting part of the whole experience especially to all of the cast members is revealing and surprising those chosen to go.

J-Si had a very special day in being able to reveal a true angels wish for her and her family. With help from Sherrie and The Enchanted Fairies, a company who dresses the girls in fairy costumes and has them make a wish, and photographs them just so they will always have that memory... they truly made little Zuleyka and her entire families world just blossom.

J-Si stopped by just about the time Zuleyka was dressed as the most beautiful fairy, she was asked to make a wish on a magic light but decided she should keep it to herself. Well, J-Si new her wish and that was to go to Disney World with her whole family. She was speechless and the tears of joy she was crying will never be forgotten in any of our hearts. Although, Kidd Kraddick may not be here with us today this legacy he founded touches more life's than imaginable. This story will humble your heart, inspire you and certainly prove wishes do come true.

Our Precious Fairy of the Day, Zuleyka, her wish came true, and also can you guess what her name means? Zuleyka means queen and the very center of a flower.  Zuleyka is only 10 years old and has a condition known as Morquio Syndrome. Morquio syndrome is a disease of metabolism in which the body is missing or does not have enough of a substance needed to break down long chains of sugar molecules, the syndrome belongs to a group of diseases called mucopolysaccharidoses.

Thank you Kidd Kraddick, J-Si, and Sherrie and The Enchanted Fairies for making this beautiful child an amazing memory, a granted wish, and the first vacation her entire family has ever had the opportunity to take.


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