Jamie Lynn Spears revealed she almost auditioned for Twilight after Zoey 101 wrapped.

In a new interview on Maria Menounos' Better Together show, the 29-year-old actress hinted that she had plans to audition for the beloved vampire movie series but ultimately decided against it because she didn't want to play a blood-sucking creature in her first-ever movie.

Though Spears didn’t mention the franchise by name, she kept referring to a "vampire movie" that filmed shortly after the Nickelodeon show ended in May 2008. The first Twilight movie came out in November 2008.

"Right after I finished Zoey, there was a lot of opportunities... there was a certain vampire movie that was coming," she explained. "I was not offered a part or anything like that, but I did read the script, and I was going to try out for one of these movies."

"I was like, ‘I am not going to play a vampire in my first movie! That is so stupid! People are gonna see me as a vampire!?’ That just shows how much I knew. Those types of things, you just have to laugh at," Spears added.

Can you imagine how iconic it would be if she had starred in Twilight?! Not only was it a box office smash, but the movie went on to make stars out of many of its actors, including Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Anna Kendrick.