To lay claim to the pronunciation "Jif", the peanut butter company has joined with the GIF website GIPHY to release a special edition peanut butter.

Its a debate that has been raging for a while: How do you pronounce the animated picture file? Jif or Gif? Its something that presidential candidates have weighed in on, and even the creator of the file has said its pronounced "Jif".

But its the opinion of Jif Peanut Butter that they have claim to the pronunciation with a soft g, teaming up with the website GIPHY to release special jars of the peanut butter on Amazon:

The debate over how to pronounce GIF has been raging for too long. Hard G or Soft G? “Gif” or “Jif?” If only there was a co-branded, limited edition jar of edible education to finally set the record straight. A collaboration between two titans of pronunciation that unequivocally declares, “Jif is peanut butter, GIFs are animations.” This is your lucky day, and this is that jar.

Let's look at this logically. "GIF" stands for "Graphics Interchange Format", which has the hard G sound. Some who are in the "Jif" camp cite the pronunciation of Giraffe as evidence, but do you give you each other "jifts" at Christmas?

Where do you stand on the Jif/Gif debate?

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