After Justin Bieber was cited for speeding after being hounded by paparazzi in Los Angeles, the 18-year-old pop icon is taking precautions to avoid any other dangerous situations. Bieber filed a harassment complaint against one particular paparazzo who was driving even more aggressively than the rest.
As Beliebers probably recall, the ‘Boyfriend’ singer was cited for speeding at 80 mph in his chromed out Fisker Karma, though one particularly irritated witness, L.A. Councilman Dennis Zine, insisted Biebs was going upwards of 100 mph. Bieber was trying to avoid photographers who were on his tail, some of which were even riding the shoulder to keep up with and snap away at him.

TMZ reports that Bieber filed the complaint while on set of his ‘As Long As You Love Me’ video. He claimed that this particular paparazzo was an extreme danger to everyone on the road and drove like a maniac. A California Highway Patrol officer took a statement from Biebs during a break from filming.

Here’s where it gets bizarre and almost a bit stupid. The same paparazzo Bieber filed the complaint about was present at the shoot and taking snaps of the star! The photog gave his own statement to the cops, who are continuing to investigate exactly what went down.

While we think the photographers should be a lot less aggressive on the road, the behavior of everyone involved, including our beloved Biebs, wasn’t the best. They put not only their own lives at risk, but also everyone else’s who happened to be on the road.

We think there should be laws put in place to keep paparazzi from harassing stars while they’re driving, but until that happens, perhaps if Bieber wants to go incognito, maybe he should invest in a green sedan.

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