Kim Kardashian is a pretty high maintenance woman, and Kanye West is a pretty high maintenance guy. As a result, they're a match made in materialist heaven ... and it ain't cheap to upkeep!

A new report says that Yeezy spends upwards of $250,000 just to have Kardashian's full glam squad on call 24/7. Apparently it's as important a role as that of police officers, ER doctors and the like.

“Kanye has told Kim he will spare no expense to make her look ready to go to a major photo shoot whenever she desires," a source told Radar Online. "So Kim’s hair stylist, makeup artist, and stylist all based in Los Angeles, are on call 24/7, ready to get on a private jet to be whisked to her location.”

The source added, “Kim only trusts her team to make her look gorgeous and doesn’t want to work with outsiders. This doesn’t come cheap, and Kanye will shell out $250,000 just while he is on tour for Kim’s glam squad. The money doesn’t mean anything to him because Kanye wants his lady to look perfect.”

Of course, West's willingness to drop a dime on whatever K.K. needs to look like a walking wax figure is part of why she adores him. The insider added that Kardashian “loves that money is no issue ever with Kanye. He never balks at how much money Kim spends. The truth is that Kanye spends a lot more than Kim does on clothes, accessories and cars. They are a perfect match for each other.”

And for the Monopoly Man.