Today's love letters all have one theme... Shacking up together! So, what do you do if you hate your fiance's décor? Well, he's 32 and she, Chelsea, is 30 and have moved in together and are engaged. Although, they are really happy in every sense of the word they are having some real conflicts when it comes to decorating. He has this orange and teal vase, the one and only thing he said he would like to have out of his things in the house. Chelsea is concerned that this could be a sign of other issues to follow.

Well, Kellie has just been through the same issue with Allen moving in and as she  advises, why not just live with the vase a minute. One small thing, the vase, so important to him is no reason to complicate a wonderful relationship, compromising is not that difficult a thing.

Another listener writes in about her relationship with her boyfriend, she loves him with all of her heart but can't stop thinking about another guy. At the worst possible time, this happens to be her relationship dilemma. The terrible part, is that both her and her current boyfriend are getting ready to move in together. I don't believe I have ever heard our Kellie respond so quickly and without  a worry at all about the listener and her feelings,  Kellie's expert opinion was true and expertly to the point though. As Kellie advised, the girl is young and far too immature to even think about moving in together or being in a committed relationship at all.

Check out the show as it will inform and entertain you plus you have to hear Jenna and Big Al speaking from the heart about a proposal made from prison.

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