This was probably one of the shortest letters of all time, a devoted fan of our love expert is questioning his future plans with his significant other. The two lovebirds have been in a relationship now for over two years, the relationship has been completely online though. She is in Kansas and they have made plans to move in together this summer, is that a good idea? Kellie, as well as the rest of the cast break it down pretty simply, would it be so bad to try first meeting each other and living in the same city for a bit until they have more of a true understanding of each other and their chemistry?
Check out the show as it will surely entertain and amuse you all, while providing us all with a good dose of Kellie's expert love advice. Jenna did say that the one thing this guy does have going on though is that he snagged a girl with the email, "Dr. Giggles".


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