When Kellie has a bad day, it's a really bad day!

With the beginning of school just around the corner, Kellie almost ruined her daughter's chances of making the team. Emma Kelly had decided to commit to making the volleyball team for her school. After practicing all summer long with a private coach, the time came this week for team try outs. Apparently there will be an 'A' team and a 'B' team and Emma Kelly just wants to make one of the teams.

The night before try outs, Kellie had everything laid out and waiting for Emma Kelly - breakfast, clothes and paperwork to turn in. When it came time for warm ups, Emma Kelly wasn't allowed to participate because Kellie forgot to fill out the back of the health form!

Emma Kelly calls Kellie while on the air to give her this news and then scrambles to get her daughter what she needed to to the try outs. Watch the video below to see what all Kellie went through to get Emma Kelly what she needed for volleyball try outs!

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