While on vacation you're supposed to splurge a little bit and indulge in some things you wouldn't normally do in your normal routine right? Well, apparently not in this case according to Kellie!

While talking about her recent trip to Target right before leaving for Florida, Kellie realized that a couple things after checking out: she wasn't getting her discount when using her Target card, she didn't get her discount for using her own shopping bags or the app! Once they got home, she and Allen realized they left the jumbo package of toilet paper sitting on the self-checkout counter!

It's what happened to the toilet paper that shocks KiddNation!

However that's not the thing that Kellie's thriftiness ends! It what happened at dinner that was 'radio gold'! To find out who Kellie goes off on, you'll need to listen to the best of audio clip below around the 8:10 mark!

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