What can you do if your husband happens to see your Facebook and finds out you are "friends" with an ex, and now he refuses to speak to you? This listener feels terrible and was truly unaware of this ex even being a friend at all. With Facebook, and the fact that you can be friended and never even get a request to approve, it only makes sense one could be totally unaware of some things on there unless you are scrolling through the entire thing everyday. Kellie's expert advice and the rest of the cast who chimed in, was to unfriend them and move on, no need to give more importance to something that means nothing at all. In a nutshell, her husband will get over it with a little bit of time and maybe some loving affirmations.

In another letter a young 19-year old girl is looking for relationship advice, she is in a relationship with a much older coworker who also has a two-year-old daughter. Is she mature enough to suddenly be put in this maternal role?

Check out the show, Kellie's advice might surprise you on this topic as well as her feelings about Facebook and Facebook groups, they are certainly candid to say the least!


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