A listener wrote in and was discouraged that due to the time she has always found herself missing Love Letters. So, Kellie and the cast decided to do a bonus segment today just for this fan.

The listener is a 25 years old and has been dating the same guy for over 3 years and he's kind and handsome, but she feels like something is missing. Her dilemma is that she's afraid she is settling when at heart she knows she would really like to be with a man that was more attentive to her needs and wishes.

Kellie, as only an expert of her kind could be, doesn't hesitate for one moment in expressing her thoughts. First, this lady is young and if she's having any concerns at all then something is obviously wrong and it wouldn't be fair to either one of them to continue in that position.

Now, Kelli also makes a great point in regards to the fact that maybe this is the perfect man for her, maybe her listener just doesn't know it yet.

Tune into the show as we have all probably had questions like these at some point and could benefit from her expert advice!

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