They received a lot of donations the past couple of weeks and they decided to give back to the community.

Lawton First Assembly is helping out in major way before Christmas. We all know someone right now that is probably in debt due to big medical bills. Lawton First Assembly partnered with RIP Medical Debt that allows generous donors and organizations to erase the medical debt of Americans whose paralyzing medical debt has turned into a sea of hopelessness for them.

Looks like 1,660 residents of 13 Oklahoma counties will receive unexpected letters within the next couple of weeks telling them they no longer owe a combined $1,625,828.61 in medical debt. Hopefully those letters take a little stress off of their plates before the new year starts.

According to Senior Pastor Don Barnes, “This no-strings-attached gift of medical debt forgiveness is the result of a total of $15,000 in donations of all sizes given in less than a month’s time by a large number of our congregants. We truly believe that sometimes the greatest gift of all is when you do something for people that you’ll never meet.”

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