If we all had teachers like Sharee in school, we would all love going to class.

I love to see teachers that have a passion for education every time they step into a classroom. Check out Sharee Castlebury from Lawton, Oklahoma. She works at Pat Henry Elementary School as a Kindergarten teacher. Sharee is known for her crazy outfits that she wears to school. The outfits are actually coordinated with her lesson plan for the day.

She hopes that making every day a little different helps the kids remember those lessons a little longer. The kids and parents seem to love it. Heck, I want to go back to Kindergarten and party with Sharee. Seems like a great way to learn. One of Sharee's traditions with every class is to get a plain white dress.

The kids take turns 'designing' a section of her dress. She says she wears them to the kid's graduation. Sharee is one of those teachers that loves what she does and we need more teachers like her. You keep going Sharee and hopefully the people in Oklahoma that don't want to pay teachers see this.

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