My daughter and I love to spend time together playing ball out in the backyard, playing board games or just watching TV, but one of our favorite things to do together - and where the majority of our father-daughter bonding happens - is Lego building. So when her 6th birthday rolled around I wanted to get her a gift from her daddy that would allow her (and me) to carry those special times with us wherever we go.

If you and someone you care about both share the same love of Lego that my daughter and I do, then the Lego heart friendship necklace is the perfect gift.

How to make it:

It's really simple to make. All you need is two 3x2 Lego plates with holes. I ordered mine from You can get them there for $0.13 - $1.36 depending on the color you choose. Next you'll need a chain of your choice and a couple of 9MM jump rings (16 for $1.99 at Hobby Lobby) to connect the Lego plate to the chain. I used a sterling silver textured rope chain from Khol's because they tend to be harder to break and less likely to get caught in long hair. Then, all you do is connect the jump ring to the hole on the Lego plate and string your chain through.

And you're done.

Although my daughter and I still have many years of Lego building days ahead of us, as she gets older she will inevitably find less and less time to spend with her nerdy dad playing with Lego. And when that day comes, my hope is that she will still have this necklace to remind her of the special times we shared building multicolored brick houses, laughing as we create the funniest looking Minifigures, and tearing it all apart just to do it all over gain - all while singing the silliest of made-up songs. I know I will.