Lil Baby was mum when recently questioned by a paparazzo about missing a recent festival in Vancouver.

On Tuesday (Sept. 20), TMZ caught up with Lil Baby and his crew in Beverly Hills, Calif. The celebrity news site's cameraperson proceeded to query the rapper as to why he didn't make his scheduled appearance at the 2022 Breakout Festival despite being filmed partying in Las Vegas the night before.

The paparazzo begins to ask her question, only to be cut off by Lil Baby who directs her to put her camera on someone else standing nearby. The photographer, however, is persistent.

"People are a little upset that you were in Vegas and you didn't make your show in Vancouver...," the woman begins.

Baby and his crew seemingly ignore the woman and deflect by pointing out a fight they say is going on behind the person filming.

"Look at them fighting over there," Lil Baby says, pointing.

The cameraperson doesn't take the bait and continues to pester the rapper as he strolls along. In the end, mum was the word for the Atlanta rapper as the video concludes with him not answering any question.

Lil Baby was set to headline the closing day of the  Breakout Festival on Sunday (Sept. 18), but pulled out at the last minute, citing sickness.

"Lil Baby arrived to Breakout Festival and was unfortunately too sick to perform," the festival announced on Instagram.

Upon hearing that Lil Baby would not be performing, fans rioted at the PNE Amphitheatre where the event was held, damaging lots of property.

Lil Baby has since released his own statement about missing the show.

"I would like to start off by saying I truly apologize [to] Vancouver, Canada, the Breakout Festival and everyone who was in attendance," Baby wrote on his Instagram Story. "I have been going so hard these past few months without any breaks, that it finally caught up with me and my body completely shut down. I owe you guys big time and will, for sure, make up for it soon."

lil baby issues statement after fans cause riot at 2022 breakout festival

The night before his scheduled show in Vancouver, Lil Baby was spotted partying at Zouk Nightclub in Las Vegas, according to TMZ.

Lil Baby is prepping the release of his upcoming album It's Only Me, which is slated to drop on Oct. 4.

See Video of Lil Baby Ignoring Paparazzo Questions About Missing His Festival Appearance Below

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