Disney+’s latest MCU offering Loki has kept us on our toes all season long. The Tom Hiddleston-fronted series explores existential themes such as moral subjectivism, determinism, and the nature of good and evil. Y’know, just fun superhero stuff!

As each installment unfurls, we learn more about Loki, his female variant Sylvie, and the Time Variance Authority, a mysterious organization that seeks to uphold the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s “Sacred Timeline.” But with the series finale arriving on the streaming platform next Wednesday, we can’t help but wonder how the last episode will wrap up Loki’s mind-boggling journey through space and time.

All the Questions the Loki Finale Needs to Answer

Here are 10 unanswered questions we have before the Loki finale arrives on Disney+.

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Loki: The Coolest Episode 5 Easter Eggs

Did you spot these hidden Marvel references on the penultimate episode of Loki?

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