The problem with wedding and engagement rings is that they cost a damn fortune, they carry a TON of sentimental value, and they're SUPER easy to lose. Take it from me, two days after I got married, I was throwing some things away in a dumpster and my wedding ring flew straight off my finger and into the dumpster.  I then spent 4 hours searching through all kinds of trash and filth trying to find the thing.  Ended up having to get a new one.  My wife still hasn't let me live it down.

Well, this story takes the cake.  Back in 1995, Lena Paahlsson of northern Sweden was baking for Christmas and her wedding ring vanished.  Her family searched everywhere . . . they even pulled up the floorboards . . . but they couldn't find it.

Now, sixteen years later, Lena was in her garden picking carrots, and found one with her RING wrapped around it.

Here's what her family thinks happened:  The ring fell down the drain . . . they fed the contents of the garbage disposal to their sheep . . . the ring passed through the sheep's digestive system . . . and they used the sheep's waste to fertilize the garden.

Since the ring was part of their compost, it made it into the garden, and somehow a carrot grew right through the ring.


Of course, 16 years have passed.  And as it goes in marriage, the ring doesn't fit Lena's finger anymore.  She says she's planning to have it resized because, quote, "I had given up hope, now that I've found it, I want to be able to use it."

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