Low blow sir.

Last Wednesday, Wichita Falls police were sent to the Wayfarer Motel for a welfare check. A man was reportedly sitting outside of his room crying and police were called to make sure everything was OK. Officers attempted to talk to the man, but he would not respond to their questioning. Officers report he was acting a little erratic.

He kept placing clothing over the railing outside and get on all fours attempting to hide from someone. When officers removed the clothing, this gentleman would go back inside to get more. Officers then went down to the manager's office to try to get some information on the man staying in that room.

His South Carolina driver's license identified him as Kevin Jerrell Osborne. Since Osborne would not cooperate backup was called as a precaution. Once backup arrived, the officers attempted to take Osborne into custody to be transported to the North Texas State Hospital for a mental health evaluation.

As soon as the officers reached for Osborne, he began flailing his arms and kicking his legs in an attempt to get away from them. They were able to get hold of his arms and one leg. Sadly, that other leg went flailing right into a Wichita Falls Police Officer's nuts. Sorry man.

Osborne was reportedly told numerous times to stop resisting and to quit kicking. He was then arrested and charged with resisting arrest or transport, and assault on a public servant. Osborne would not go quietly. He reportedly tried to kick out the windows of one of the patrol cars so leg restraints had to be used.

Probably the scariest part of the story. Osborne attempted to take one of the officer's guns out of their holster. He was reportedly able to place his fingers between the retention guard and retention release on the gun holster.

At least one officer and jailor witnessed Osborne reaching for the firearm, and the other officer could feel him "grabbing at his belt." Osborne was then charged with the additional offense.

Just another crazy day in Wichita Falls.

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