One thing I will not tolerate is people throwing food at me. If any of my vanilla wafers would be damaged, I would be pissed.

Well we had a very interesting arrest this week. Apparently on Monday, Wichita Falls police got a call about an argument that took place at an apartment off of Nunneley Place. The victim told police her mother threw a box of vanilla wafers at her head. I may not agree with the violence in this household, but I do enjoy a good vanilla wafer.

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Now the woman did admit to throwing the box at her daughter, but she said her daughter was cursing at her. Hence why the box was thrown. The mother claims her daughter hit her twice after the box was thrown. The police placed the mother Rhonda Adams Kyle under arrest. She has been charged with assault causing bodily injury/family violence.

KFDX reports she has a few previous arrests for for assault of a public servant, two for resisting arrest, one for harassment and one for simple assault. To you folks that don't think a box of wafers are dangerous. Look what a wafer thin mint did to this poor fellow after a dinner.

Anyway, let's not throw snacks at our kiddos in the heat of the moment. I'm sure kids do stuff to piss off their parents every day, but you got to be the adult in the situation. Hopefully one day you two can sit down and enjoy a nice box of wafers without throwing them.

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