Now I do not know why you would spend this kind of money on coffee, but hey its your money. Not to also mention I do think the body can handle this much caffeine in one sitting.

So this guy set out to break the previous record of $23.60 for the most expensive Starbucks coffee. So what he did was bring in his own cup that was 52 ounces. Then proceeded to add over 40 shots of espresso, yes you did read that correctly. Then add every little sugar, fruit, and syrup you can at Starbucks.

Now believe I would want to try it, but I do not have money to blow on coffee like this. He did break the record in fact he shattered it. He spent $47.30. Now I do not know why people are going to Starbucks when we have a brand new Keurig coffee maker up for grabs.

Watch the Most Expensive Cup of Starbucks Coffee get Made Below: