We get it, 2020 was a sucky year for a lot of us. But that doesn't mean you can change your child's date of birth to avoid being associated with it. Yet that's exactly what happened on New Year's Eve.

Here's the story according to the Mirror. A young couple in England went to the hospital to give birth to their new son. The healthy baby boy was born at 11:05 p.m., on December 31st, 2020. When Dad was filling out the paperwork he deliberately changed the time and date to 12:05 a.m., January 1st, 2021.

The father wanted the best for his son and thought that a slight, sixty minute, change in the time and date of birth would forever disassociate him with the horrible things that we all endured in 2020. After all, it's just sixty minutes, right?

The hospital staff had another opinion and when they realized what he was doing told him he needed to record the exact time and date on the form or he would be guilty of forgery. That led to a bit of a scene between the father and the hospital staff with voices raised and onlookers staring. And that led to the child's mother getting involved. Remember her? She's the one who'd just given birth to the little bundle of joy in the first place. She got upset with the father for causing a scene at this special time in their lives, an occasion that should have been filled with happiness and hope for the baby's future.

Eventually the young couple's families got involved and mostly sided with the hospital and the mother, chiding the man for ruining the joy of the occasion. The guy's brother sided with him and thought it was ridiculous to stress out about fudging sixty minutes on the birth certificate. The kid was only in 2020 for less than an hour, anyway.

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Considering that 2021 only lasted five days before the wheels started falling off, maybe the baby will be happier with a birthday in 2020.

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