There are some great scenes throughout the third season of 'Breaking Bad' that really explain money laundering very well. In fact, some might say the show made it a little too easy for a criminal to figure out how to get away with selling drugs and hiding the money trail. This Electra man must not have gotten that far on his last Netflix binge, though.

Kent/Wichita County Sheriff

The Wichita County Sheriff's Office arrested a 73-year-old man after he tried to deposit a bag of meth at a Wichita Falls bank.

According to the Times Record News, Louis Fueque Kent, from Electra, TX, went to First Bank at 2801 Midwestern Parkway on April 9th to make a loan payment. He was in the commercial drive-thru lane and sent the tube to the teller filled with more than just his money.

When the teller opened the tube, inside she found cash, checks, and a piece of paper. When she opened the paper inside was a bag containing a white powder. She contacted a manager, they locked the the bag away, and they called the police.

Police field tested and confirmed the bag contained 0.91 grams of methamphetamine. Kent was charged with possession of a controlled substance and booked in Wichita County Jail  with a $5,000 bail.

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