Three years ago, an 82-year-old man in Germany lost his wedding ring when it fell off while he was gardening. His wife told him not to worry, and said it would show up eventually.

Last week, she was proven right when the ring reappeared in a remarkable way.

The man was out picking vegetables in the same garden where the ring was lost, and that's when he found it.

Apparently, after it got buried in his garden, a carrot grew right through it. Two photos were posted online, and you can see the ring lodged right in the middle of the carrot.

The man says he couldn't believe his eyes when he saw it and said, it's true, "you reap what you sow."

Unfortunately, his wife died six months ago and was not there to celebrate the incredible find with him. But what an amazing gift for him to receive after celebrating his golden wedding anniversary recently.

If you can believe it, this very same thing happened to another couple about four years ago. Check out that photo and story here.