It is nice to see that the NASA budget is going to be used to play music on Mars. In a huge publicity stunt teamed up with NASA to have his new single "Reach for the Stars" played by the rover to be heard by whoever is on Mars.

The rover does not have speakers, but the song was broadcast from Mars sent back to Earth so we could here it. Is it just me or can you see why the NASA program has no money. It is kind of neat idea don't get me wrong. It just seems like a waste of time and money.

This story sounded like that guy that was trying to sell ad space on the moon. just wanted to be the first to have his new single drop on Mars before anyone else could take advantage of it. So in thousands of years if we are living on Mars someone can look up to see what was the first single on Mars was and it will be

Listen to's new song that was broadcast from Mars: