Masks have been mandatory for awhile now aboard public transportation, but that is coming to close for our area if you plan on taking a flight.

Yesterday, a federal judge in Florida struck down a national mask mandate on airplanes and mass transit. This has lead to many airports and airlines saying that masks are optional. Most folks in our area fly out of Dallas Love Field or Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. They have both said that masks are now optional at the airport.


What about our local Wichita Falls Regional Airport? I called over there this morning and they said masks are optional in the terminal. It is up to the airlines if they want to enforce a mask mandate aboard a flight. Since American Airlines is the only one to fly out of Wichita Falls, I looked up their policy. American Airlines has made masks optional as well.


So if this is something that has been preventing you from traveling recently. Here is your sign to book a summer vacation. Remember, this is for domestic travel. International travel could have their own policies in place when flying into a different country. Also, friendly reminder to not be the A-hole to comment on people wearing masks still in an airport.

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If you don't want to wear one, go right ahead. Someone wearing one literally has no effect on you whatsoever. Go maskless, mask up, just don't be an A-hole about it either way. Also, I said for now in the title of my article because it is possible The Justice Department could seek an emergency stay to block the judge’s order.

Nothing has been done yet, but we will see.

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