Three years prior to the "Back To The Future part II" deadline of 2015, we now have both the shoes and now the Hover Board seen in the films.  Months ago, Nike did a limited release of the Air Mags worn by Michael J Fox in the film, and now Mattel, who was the creator of the Hover Board in the film, has announced plans to release a movie-accurate prop replica of the Hover Board.

Revealed this past weekend during the New York Toy Fair, Mattel showed the Hover Board to be a 1:1 scale replica, claiming it "glides" over most surfaces, and doesn't work on water.  The replica will be available exclusively on their webiste,, and the rumored cost is $120.  The website will allow pre-ordering during the first three weeks of March, but this isn't just for pre-ordering , but also for Mattel to measure to hype of the product.  With this being a high cost product, Mattel might cancel production if they do not receive what they consider to be enough pre-orders to warrant releasing the replica.  So far, Mattel has had success with prop replicas on their website, releasing the PKE Meter and Ghost Trap from Ghostbusters, both of which we high-cost items and sold out quickly. 

Pre-ordering starts March 1st at, with the actual product shipping in the last quarter of 2012.  The shoes have already been released, the mutli-colored hat Marty wore has been out for a year or so, the Hover Board is due out this year, and the DeLorean is coming back next year.  All we need now is the auto-fit/auto-drying jacket!