Just think of it, if "Back To The Future part II" was even remotely accurate, we can expect self fitting and drying jackets, Nikes with power laces and hoverboards within the next 4 years.  Ok... maybe one out of three won't be bad.

UPDATE:  According to several websites, "Back to the Future" Executive Producer Frank Marshall recently posted on his Twitter accountm

"Something big is coming soon.  Can't say anything yet.  No one should know too much about their own destiny. #BTTF"

The story continues that Nike put out calls in the middle of the night to various news sources and websites, inviting them to an unveiling in L.A.  Upon arriving, guests found a box in their room that contained their invite to the event, a copy of "Back to the Future", 80s candy like Pop Rocks and Bubble Tape, Stainless Steel glasses similar to those worn by Doc Brown in "Back to the Future part II", and an iPod with a message recorded by Christopher Lloyd (or an impersonator) saying,

"Welcome to Los Angeles.  If my calculations are correct, over the next 24 hours you are about to see some serious sh*t."

Hopes are that within the next few days, Nike will officially announce the release of the "Air Mag" line of self-lacing shoes modeled after Marty McFly's pair in "Back to the Future part II".

via Spill.com