Post Malone loves his Crocs. The company loves him as well because he has his own line and new ones come out next week. He hooked up his old job with some this morning and fans could get some as well.

Post Malone is having an awesome year right now. Big album, big festival, big sponsorships. The list goes on and on. One of those sponsors is Crocs, yes the shoe brand that he wears all the time. Posty has already had his own Crocs come out in the past, but a new one launches this coming week.

The latest one is a blue and black camouflage clog, with a chunky sole, revolving straps on the back and an adjustable hook and loop closure. You can check it out here if you want to pick some up. Well, Post Malone got his hands on a few pairs early and decided to hook some people up.

Sadly, he didn't deliver them himself this morning. Employees at the Chicken Express in Southlake got the hookup with some this morning and Posty gave them some extras for some fan giveaways. Hopefully people don't start fighting over free Crocs this morning. It may start looking like Popeye's when they run out of chicken sandwiches.


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