The Screen Actors Guild Awards happened this past weekend in Los Angeles and while he probably wasn't the only one, rumors are saying that Matthew McConaughey was high during his acceptance speech.

And I'd have to agree.

McConaughey won Best Actor for his role in "Dallas Buyer's Club" the other night, and as tradition at award shows he gave an acceptance speech that I'm sure went way past his allotted time. But there's a reason nobody tried to rush him off the stage. His speech was pure genius, although it didn't really make sense.

The rumor is that McConaughey was high during the speech, which after watching is probably more truth than rumor. But if you thought being high would only make his speech worse, think again. Being high made his speech great.

It was probably the best acceptance speech ever given. He started off with the traditional 'thank you' and then things got weird.

McConaughey launched into a story about how actors are always trying to hit that magic spot which turned into something about being put on a spaceship to Neptune which then turned into a story about a man escaping Russia on a tiny, wooden boat.

Like I said the speech was probably the greatest thing in award show history and you can see it for yourself below.