Lauren Landavazo's memory will live on forever after this memorial is finished, and one coach is doing what he can to help make that happen. 

We were all shocked in September of last year when Lauren Landavazo was gunned down while she was walking home from McNeil Middle School. Makalya Smith was also injured in the shooting and was able to recover after a very scary incident. Wichita Falls came together after this shooting. With signs in memory of Lauren and also for the students going back to school during such a scary time.

Groups, businesses and different organizations also held benefits for the girls and their families. The eighth-grade class and other students came up with an idea so that Lauren will never be forgotten. A bench that will be placed in front of the school in her honor. The bench will be purple, her favorite color. It will also feature her favorite phrase, "Live Laugh Love."

The problem is a nice bench is not cheap. So the school had to raise the funds. That is when McNeil middle school coach Russell Henry came up with an idea. Let the students cut off his dreads to raise money. In my opinion, Russel had some pretty sweet hair. Cutting it off for Lauren is going to be a great way to raise some funds. He will definitely look different.

He's letting students cut off his dreads at ten bucks a piece. Russel told KAUZ, “I've got 120 so that's $1,200 there we can make.” The funds for the bench are nearly there and Russel was glad to help. “To use Lauren's quote the live, laugh, love,” said Principal Summer Rollins.  “If you do those things you're going to have a fulfilled life and to know that you've got to live every moment like it's your last.  Love your family, love your friends and just to keep that moment alive and to do it through Lauren’s spirit and they will be able to do that every day.”

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