September 21st is 'Peace Day' and in the spirit of the holiday two bitter rivals may be joining forces.

Burger King made the proposal today that they would put aside their difference with McDonald's for this one day and the two chains could combine their signature sandwiches. The result: The McWhopper.

The burger would consist of 6 parts of the McDonald's Big Mac and 6 parts of the Burger King Whopper. The special burger would be sold for the one day only at a special pop-up McWhopper shop in Atlanta, Georgia. Why Atlanta? Well, it's the half way point between both company's corporate headquarters.

It's all up to McDonald's if they are going to accept the peace offering? For now, we can only wait and see.You can get more info at

UPDATE: McDonald's has turned down the offer.  McDonald's CEO Steve Easterbrook replied on Facebook