Red ribbon week, if you're a parent of a child in public school, you know all about it. It's the week kids get to dress according to the theme of the day to raise awareness about drug use prevention.

Melissa Radke, a hilarious mother of two from Lufkin, TX, posted the above video to her Facebook page on Tuesday (10/25) ranting about how ineffective red ribbon week really is. "You know why I drive to Target to buy camo socks and a tie-dye shirt?" She captioned the video. "Because marijuana is a gateway drug people! That's why!!" The video has already racked up almost 5.5 million views.

Melissa begins by telling us how much she loves public education and is a proponent for it, but she just doesn't understand red ribbon week.

According to the letter from her kids' school, "The goal of the campaign is to encourage children of all ages to be drug free throughout their lives." While the message to say no to drugs is a noble one, Melissa sarcastically, and quite hilariously, proclaims, "that is a lie, that is not the goal, the goal is to drive moms crazy with different outfits every single day."

Melissa goes on to deliver several lines that literally made us laugh out loud.

Wednesday's theme was 'we're too bright for drugs, wear neon.' Melissa's response to that, when a child possibly becomes drug addicted in the future, "...maybe their parents would say, if you had dressed brighter, maybe none of this would have happened."

The best line from the video, and probably the single most important takeaway, "crack doesn't go away if you match the forest." That's in reference to Thursday's theme: 'don't let drugs find you, wear camo.'

Thanks for the laugh, Melissa. Moms and dads everywhere feel your pain.

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