Mike Dean threw some shade at the K-Pop band BTS and caught the wrath of the BTS fans on Twitter.

It all started early Tuesday morning (April 5) when famed producer Mike Dean, who was upset that his friend and longtime collaborator Kanye West didn’t win Album of the Year for the Donda album at the 2022 Grammy Awards, jumped on his Twitter page and threw some shade at BTS.

In response to a tweet from the Recording Academy, which asked the question, “Name a group ~smoother~ than @bts-bighit, we dare you,” Mike Dean responded, “Anyone.”

The legendary producer-engineer also mentioned that the K-Pop group don’t write their own music and joked that maybe one day he will produce a song for the multiplatinum group.

The BTS Army, which represents millions of the group's diehard fans, caught wind of Dean’s comments and flooded his mentions with disrespectful remarks.

"I think mike dean is a loser, how is he gonna go and say he's gonna work w bts someday while undermining their success and artistry. hungry for the $ or their validation? either way a loser," wrote one person.

Another fan tweeted, "A guy called Mike Dean said BTS didn't write their songs and that any group are better than them :/ he was just being an ass for no reason."

After several hours of BTS Army slander, the producer threw in the towel and apologized to the BTS fans who were offended by his comments. "OK. SORRY TO BTS. JUST FUCKING TROLLING," he tweeted.

When a fan suggested that Dean produce a song for BTS, he reminded his followers of dissing A$AP Rocky back in May of 2012 for copying the Houston sound. He would later reconcile with Rocky and mix his 2015 album AT.LONG.LAST.A$AP.

"Like when I had issue with asap. I ended up mixing his whole album and we are best of family," he tweeted.

In effort to stop the onslaught of remarks from the BTS army, he apologized again.

"Ok folks. I was mad about album of the year and made a post I shouldn’t have made. My gf just made me feel bad for it," he wrote.

Mike Dean would later ask for help from Travis Scott and Kanye West’s fan base to no avail. "Team Travis and Kanye. Get these Bts fans off my dick," he wrote.

Mike Dean catches the wrath of the BTS Army
@therealmikedean via Twitter

Dean left Twitter with one last parting message to the BTS Army. "U will all grow up and discover music one day," he tweeted.

The BTS Army is still flooding Mike Dean’s Twitter page with hateful comments.

Check out some of BTS fans’ tweets below.

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