Better put on your tin foil hat. We've got a conspiracy theory on our hands!

Recently, footage of a video from 1995 has started some controversy on the interwebs. A video of one of Mike Tyson's boxing matches revealed something out of the ordinary. No, it wasn't Iron Mike biting off someone's ear, it was a person sitting ringside with a device in his hands that seemed way out of place in 1995. Could this person actually be a time traveler?

Screenshot from YouTube
Screenshot from YouTube

Nowadays, seeing someone with a smartphone in front of their face seems ordinary. In 1995, that wasn't the case. Take a look at the screenshot above and see if you think that looks like a modern smartphone.

Now, there are some explanations that kill the time travel theory. There were a few digital cameras that were just starting to exist at that time that could be what we are actually seeing. Of course, maybe that's just what they want us to believe...

The bigger question is, if you had the ability to time travel, why go back just to watch the fight through your Galaxy S5? Why not pull a 'Back To The Future' and use your 'Grays Sports Almanac' to place a bet on the fight?

Is it explainable, or did someone go back in time to watch Mike Tyson in his prime? We may never know the real answer, but feel free to throw out your theory in the comments below.

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