I had no idea there were so many cowardly people here in the Lone Star State.

Unless you, yourself, are an internet troll, I’m 99.9% sure that we can agree that they are among the lowest of the low.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with bring critical. In fact, as a member of the media, I’ve found online criticism to be useful. People will be brutally honest on the internet and I want to hear honest feedback.

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But then there are those who get their rocks off by being downright mean to people. These trolls typically use fake accounts to blast people, presumably because they’re too cowardly to own up to the things they say to or about other people.

And here’s what really pisses me off about those people – they paint themselves as victims whenever someone exposes their real identity (aka “doxing”). My feeling is that if you’re an asshole on the internet, maybe the world deserves to know your true identity.

So now that you know how I really feel about trolls, it shouldn't surprise you that I was very disappointed when I came across a study that found Texas to be among the states with the highest number of internet trolls.

Redact.dev polled 3,846 social media users and found that 1 in 5 Texans polled admitted to having trolled someone on the internet. And that’s how many admitted to it. My guess is that the number is actually much higher.

It’s not that I hold my fellow Texans to any different standard that anyone else. It’s just that now I’m looking around me wondering just how many people I know get their jollies picking on people online.

And that’s just sad.

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