Looks like 2017 is off to a good start, not so much if you try and break your thumb! What is with people this day in age? I mean if you're bored, go outside, run, play! Anything but this.

So it all started out with a tweet, according to The Daily Dot, a guy who goes by the Twitter handle @RahSenpai, used a medical diagram showing tendinitis in the hand and how to pop your ligament for pain relief side by side with a picture of his double jointed thumb claiming he broke it using the technique.

It all went downhill from there. Now teens are actually believing the tweet and trying it themselves. No word on if the teens tweeting out the pics are really double jointed or really hurting themselves. But it has since gone viral and I'm sure many have actually tried the stunt.

So as of now, it seems to be a prank and you really cannot break your thumb ligament this way. But I would still warn your kids to not try this at home. With all these crazy "challenges" hitting the internet lately, I wish kids would pick up a book instead, but I digress.


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