The Minnesota Timberwolves aren't trying to get caught up in the Drake curse, and they made it clear for the world to see on their official Twitter account.

"we love you, @Drake... but please refrain from wearing any Wolves gear in public," wrote the Twitter account on Thursday (Jan. 10). "We don’t need that curse."

The post was in response to a tweet from NBA analyst, Dane Moore.

"Andrew Wiggins picked the music to play at today’s Wolves practice — all Drake," the tweet read. "Wiggins said it was the first practice 'probably since college' that he has had music play at any practice."

The alleged "curse" they're referring to has been surrounding Drizzy for a while now, and is particularly a topic of conversation at the moment after the Alabama Crimson Tide football team lost 44-16 against Clemson earlier this week—just days after the Scorpion rapper posted a video of himself rocking a University of Alabama sweatshirt.

Other teams that have seemingly suffered after receiving Drake's "blessing" include the University of Kentucky men's basketball team and the Toronto Raptors, as well as particular athletes among the likes of Johnny Manziel and Conor McGregor. XXL put together a thorough list of the times he seemingly jinxed his sports team/player of choice in their shining moment, which you can read here. Thank us later.

Check out the Timberwolves' tweet to Drake below.

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