After being called out as a childhood bully during a school board meeting last week, more accusations have been made about the past of the Katy ISD Superintendent.

Last week during a Katy ISD school board meeting, Greg Gay called out Superintendent Dr. Lance Hindt as his childhood bully in an effort to encourage the board to take bullying seriously. Hindt was criticized for laughing off the accusation, later releasing an official statement denying the accusations. Christopher Dolan, a fellow student who went to school with Gay and Hindt, spoke to KTRK after Hindt's denial, calling the Superintendent a liar,

I was shocked. I just couldn't believe that someone of his caliber, someone of his education, the head of KISD, (the) superintendent could be that way. He's a liar.

I do remember, recall, one incident that happened where Lance Hindt took Greg into a bathroom. He was in the bathroom and put his head, into uh, into a urinal.

He was a bully and he let people know that he was in charge. Nobody messed with Lance Hindt, not at West Memorial Junior High and not at Taylor High School.

Other allegations have been made about Hindt's past, including a 35-year-old lawsuit filed against Hindt for putting a man into a coma. As reported by ABC13, the lawsuit alleges that 18-year-old Hindt was attending a party on February 18th, 1983, that had large amounts of drugs and alcohol and was attended by junior high students. After leaving the party and taking his girlfriend home, Hindt was yelled at by William Stein for speeding. According to Stein's lawsuit, Hindt got out of his car and approached Stein aggressively, pushing Stein against a fence and striking him until he was unconscious. Stein then woke up in a hospital five days later, having suffered blunt trauma to the head and face, a fractured skull, lacerations on his lip, contusions, an injury to his right eyelid, a separated shoulder, and broken ribs.

Hindt denied the charges, saying he was pulled from his car by his hair by Stein. Hindt admitted to striking Stein once, and leaving without seeking medical attention for Stein. Hindt also denied having been involved in other fights leading up to his encounter with Stein, as was brought up in the lawsuit. Hindt was never punished for the incident, only having to split court costs with the student who through the party.

During the school board meeting Monday night, Hindt admitted that he isn't perfect and that only God can judge him.

Katy ISD board president Ashley Vann responded to the recent allegations against Hindt in a statement earlier today,

The 1983 civil case was fully and finally dismissed, after litigation, with no damages or liability. No criminal charges were ever filed. Again, as stated in the March 26 Board meeting, the Board fully vetted Dr. Lance Hindt and we continue to stand firmly behind him as our superintendent.

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