If you like beer, you’d probably agree that pizza and beer go great together. For a woman in Phoenix who went to a pizza place last week, she must have figured her 2-year-old would agree as well and gave him beer in his sippy cup.

A witness saw Valerie Topete pouring beer from a pitcher into the child’s cup, set the cup in front of him, and then walked away. After a while the kid fell out of his chair, presumably because he was getting hammered.

Police were called in, and Topete stated that her child had been constantly grabbing at the pitcher, so she decided to give him what he wanted. Mom and kid were taken to the hospital, but no BAC has been released as of yet.

Some parents believe that if you give a kid what they want, they may not want it any more. Think about that kid down your street that got busted smoking, so his dad made him smoke the whole pack. That may work for teens, but I doubt that works when it comes to beer and 2-year-olds. Other countries start kids on wine and beer at very young ages, so it’s not such a long shot that this kid might actually like what was being given to him.

Moreover, if you’re going to try the reverse psychology trick on a kid, it’s probably best that you do it at home where there aren’t witnesses. Pouring beer for a young child might raise a few eyebrows.

The woman will likely be charged with a count of child abuse. Do you think that’s appropriate? Do you think her method makes sense, or did the beer she had consumed cloud her judgement?