Is there anything more enthralling than a movie that keeps you on your toes? While it makes sense for some films to stick to one primary genre — such as comedy, historical drama, or romance — others are able to blend more than one genre seamlessly. In some very specific cases, however, the shift in genre is very noticeable. Essentially at some point during the movie, the plot becomes something else entirely, and as the audience, we must be ready to adapt. When done correctly, this subversive move can give an otherwise formulaic film an exciting edge.

Now, to preface, we’re not talking about movies that balance two different genres the entire time. There are plenty of dramas that also manage to be wildly funny — and there are comedies that cut straight through to the heart. Some genres, such as “romantic comedy” or “science fiction” have two elements built right into their names. There’s the central romance, and there’s the comedic relief. There’s the science element, and there’s the fictional aspect. But there’s something special about a movie that’s able to pull a fast one on you, transforming into something unexpected right before your eyes.

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From charming comedies that devolve into gruesome slasher films to romance movies that morph into thrillers, we’ve rounded up 10 films that completely switched genres during their runtimes. While all these movies are pretty different from one another, they all have one thing in common — watching them from start to finish is one wild ride.

Movies That Changed Genres Halfway Through

These movies looked like one thing — only to shift into a totally different genre in the middle.
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