He Pawned My Engagement Ring

Kellie is our resident love expert and she dished out her love advice today to some KiddNation members. A woman called in with a sad dilemma, she desperately needed Kellie's advice. Apparently, she has been with the same guy for over ten years, they even have a child together, but are STILL not married.

He did propose to her engagement ring and the whole deal and, yet after so much time without actually getting married she took it off and put it away. Their son started questioning why his mommy and daddy didn't have the same last name and it made her sad, so she went to put the ring back on.

Well,  the ring was gone and she was devastated, when she asked her partner about it he denied having any knowledge of where it could be. He,unfortunately was lying, he had taken the ring and pawned it with hopes of getting it back. Sadly, he totally failed in keeping up with the payments ...his fiancee's precious engagement ring has been sold and is now gone forever!

Check out the rest of the show and find out what advice Kellie had to give about the ring and the future of the relationship.

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