In a way, every beach in Europe is a nude beach.  And hairy middle-aged men seem to take the most advantage of that freedom. Believe me, I've been there, and naked, hairy, European  dudes are like honey badgers, they just don't care. At least when it comes to being naked on the beach.  There's also hairy, naked women, but that is the subject for another day.

La Redoute is an upscale clothing line in France.  And they recently put a photo in their online catalog featuring four little kids in La Redoute clothing, having the time of their lives on a beach. Ah, the innocence of youth in all it's glory....  Problem is, that wasn't ALL that was in all it's glory.

Apparently, no one noticed the HAIRY, FULLY-NUDE MAN in the background. Oooooops.

Someone else noticed though . . . and the photo went viral on Twitter.  La Redoute posted an apology and removed the photo . . . but not until after people took screenshots to preserve the moment forever.

You gotta love the French.