More details have emerged about the details of the kidnapping of a 7-year-old Wichita Falls girl over the weekend. Initially, a couple who were neighbors of the girl were hailed as heroes for saving her from a potential sexual assault.

Now, it seems that there is another hero who helped save the day. This one is an 11-year-old boy. KAUZ interviewed the neighbors involved in the incident and highlighted how the actions of young TJ Smith led to the safe recovery of the little girl.

Raeshawn Perez/WFPD
Raeshawn Perez/WFPD

According to the interview, Smith saw the abduction happen and started chasing the man, 26-year-old Raeshawn Perez, from the scene in the 1400 block of Elizabeth Avenue. When he realized he needed more help he went to the home of neighbor James Ware and told him what happened.

Ware started to follow chase on foot, then went for his car instead. When he arrived at the house in 1300 block of Clark Street where Perez had taken the girl, Smith was already there and told him Perez had taken the girl to the back of the house.

Perez dropped the girl after being confronted and tried to run away. Ware ended up catching him and holding him down until police arrived on the scene. Ware says that if it wasn't for Smith's actions, the story would have a very different ending.

TJ Smith received an honory police member badge from the WFPD for his action. The young hero says that he proudly wore the badge to school on Monday.

As of now, Perez is still behind bars in Wichita County charged with aggravated kidnapping and public intoxication/alcohol. His bonds were set at $50,000 and $370, respectively.

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