Cousin Eddie and this lady would have one hell of a relationship during the holidays.

A woman by the name of Keisha Lynette Christmas (Yes that is her real last name) was fired before Christmas last week from a Houston area Smoothie King. Getting fired before Christmas sucks. No great time to get fired honestly, but right before a big holiday always sucks more. According to management, Mrs. Christmas was constantly showing up late or not showing up at all for her shifts. So she had to be let go.

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Apparently on December 13th, she was informed she was being let go. As with any employee in this situation, she was frustrated. Demanded her last check and cursed out her former boss. That is where your average person would have left this situation after receiving their final check. Mrs. Christmas wasn't done here.

She allegedly grabbed the manager by the head and began slamming it into the wall. "You're not going to ruin my Christmas," Christmas allegedly said, according to charging documents, while slapping and choking the manager. So right now, we definitely have some assault charges. Mrs. Christmas took it up another level.

She then forced the manager to go to a nearby ATM to withdraw money to give her. Charging documents say she withheld the victim's phone as bait and threatened the manager saying, "If you try to run, I'll push you out into oncoming traffic." The manager fearing for their life withdrew the money and Mrs. Christmas fled the scene.

Police were called upon returning to the Smoothie King. Police arrested and charged her with aggravated kidnapping, robbery with bodily injury and retaliation after reviewing surveillance video from the store.

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