For the past few years, men and women have been using No-Shave November as an excuse to grow any and all hair on their bodies as if it's a competition of sorts. Let's face it, shaving sucks and any reason to not shave sounds like a good reason to me. I really didn't know the full details as to why this tradition started so I did some research and it turns out it's for a great reason.

No-Shave November was started as a Facebook fan page back in 2009 by friends, Rebecca Hill and Bret Ringdahl. They wanted a way for everyone to be able to raise awareness of cancer regardless of age, gender or income. They conjured up No-Shave November, meaning that any money that you would normally spend on grooming yourself getting your hair cut, waxing your legs, or any other hair removal treatment, would instead be used to donate to a cancer charity.

Rebecca and Bret's Facebook page started its first year with around 50 participants and has since grown to over 98,000 fans. In 2013 No-Shave November teamed up with the American Cancer Society to ensure that all donations would be distributed the way that they intended.

So, ladies, keep growing that leg hair and let them eyebrows fly and men, show the world what your epic beard looks like, all in the name of charity!!

For donations you can go to the American Cancer Society's webpage HERE or you can sign up with No-Shave November's webpage HERE to participate. HAPPY GROWING!