Few movies of 2022 have stuck with people quite like Jordan Peele’s Nope, a truly disturbing vision of horror and suspense that unfolds slowly, like an alien systematically disgorging itself of the contents of its massive stomach. People continue to discuss the movie’s themes and twists, as well as some of the plot’s finer details which Peele purposefully left ambiguous.

Nope seems like the sort of movie that would benefit from — or at least the kind of movie that fans would be interested in — an extended or director’s cut. Thus far, no such thing has been announced, but there have been seen some rumors out there about one. Peele himself was asked about those rumors by Collider and he refused to shoot them down. He said

I can neither confirm nor deny anything of the sort. It's like, 'Oh, s—.' There's been a lot of response to people sort of finding things in the trailer that aren't in the actual movie. I can say, I do think people will see more in the future. That's kind of all I really can say. I'm hopeful.

Well, that’s not an outright yep, but it’s definitely not a nope either.

And if he wasn’t doing some kind of longer version of the movie, why wouldn‘t he just say that? Especially since Peele’s doing interviews right now to hype Nope’s home video release. The only reason I can think of to not say “Yes! We’re doing that!” if you are in fact making an extended cut is because you have a Blu-ray of the non-extended cut coming out next month and you want people to buy that first. If you tell people a longer (and possibly better) version of the movie is coming right now, you’re sort of shooting yourself in the foot.

Nope is available for purchase on Digital HD now; it will be available on Blu-ray on October 25.

Nope: Answers to All Your Questions About the Movie

Let’s break down the shocking twists and mysteries in Jordan Peele’s sci-fi thriller.
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